Investing in Portugal’s Real Estate

Among the various countries in Europe offering visa-free access to investors and their families through the Golden Visa Program, Portugal continues to impress and stands out in particular.

Portuguese real estate is a thriving market and investing not only offers the potential for significant returns, but guarantees Portuguese citizenship after six years.

By getting in the Golden Visa Program in Portugal, investors and their families have the opportunity of living, working and studying in any country in the Schengen area. After six years they can apply for citizenship and get a Portuguese passport.

Most investors are regular individuals who are in a comfortable financial situation: looking for the comfort of their future generations, but not looking to relocate at the moment. They’re just looking for a path to freedom; an opportunity for them to relocate if they need to. 

Why is the Portuguese Golden Visa so attractive?

#1 The Portuguese Golden Visa Program doesn’t require investors to live in Portugal. They simply have to spend a minimum of seven days a year in Portugal and the requirement is done.

#2 The Real Estate market in Portugal is booming, providing investors high levels of return on their investments.

#3 Investment means Golden Visa. There is no discrimination on nationality or religion, nor an evaluation of the investors’ profiles through interviews. If you invest, you get the residence permits.

#4 Portugal is a very safe country, being politically and economically very stable. English is spoken throughout the country. And it’s a country that has been awarded for the last years as the best tourist destination in all of Europe.

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