Know why buying a house can triple your probability of living longer

Know why buying a house can triple your probability of living longer

When buying a house for your own enjoyment, you should definitely consider several points. From the price to the areas, the layout and configuration of the house, the solar exposure, commerce and transport network, green spaces, the finishes, the neighborhood, etc. These are all points that the potential buyer should have answered before making a decision, in which the specialized help of a real estate consultant can be precious.

Of course the entire acquisition process should be rational, taking into consideration the price or the conditions of the property, but… every buyer also considers his own sensations and emotions. He’s buying a dream, a life project for the medium and long run, which means that, in the final decision, he always gets carried away by emotions.

From the moment you acquire a property, there’s a huge probability you start building a dream history around it. It becomes almost like an extension of your body, because:

  1. It is where you are going to live the best experiences, together with your family.
  2. It privileges a bigger and better quality of life
  3. Buying a home next to your workplace brings you more efficiency and saves you time to rest, workout and spend time with your family.

Despite the changes in the real estate market over the past few years, the Portuguese prefer to buy rather than renting, as buying a house is commonly associated with the idea of a long term investment and the best way to create a home for the ones you love. That is why the acquisition of a house is deeply rooted in our culture.

Considering RENTCafé’s study “Renting Landscape in 30 Countries Around the World”, in 29 of the 30 analyzed countries, the vast majority of the inquired people were property owners. In the European context, all Southern European countries have that same characteristic.

Undoubtedly, housing plays an important part in quality of life, for many reasons. It provides shelter, comfort, security, privacy, a place to rest and, most of all, live more and live better.

Housing can also be perceived in the context of its ambiance, in terms of distance to schools and universities, work, good health facilities, leisure activities and public services. But it is never distanced from what is the foundation of the human being – wanting to live more and better with his loved ones.

In Portugal, besides aiming this quality of life by acquiring a property, this country also give you fantastic reasons to invest, like the safety, hospitality or the tax incentives. Portugal is a country where your investment easily generates income plus other advantages, safely.

As quality of life means happiness, you will easier be able to achieve the projects you dream for you and your family.

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