Living in Portugal: how the Golden Visa program can get you there

Living in Portugal: how the Golden Visa program can get you there

Portugal is more and more becoming an appealing country to live in, and by now that is no surprise to anyone. We’ve told you on several occasions that Portugal is the best country to retire and gave you 5 reasons to choose to live in Portugal over anywhere else.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Portugal is also one of the best destinations for investment, as recognized by Forbes, especially because of the comparatively low prices and exceptional returns.

A beautiful and peaceful place, Portugal is also one of the safest countries to have a family, it has sun all year, golden beaches and great culinary.

Due to this rise in interest in the country and the increasing number of people that have been relocating its family and business to Portugal, the Portuguese Government has created many incentive programs that concede several benefits to the ones who apply.

This can be your way to become a resident in this beautiful country, so read through our post to discover what is the best way for you to move to Portugal.

Portuguese Golden Visa

The Portuguese Golden Visa is the most famous residency by investment program in the country, and this isn’t for nothing.

The Golden Visa, launched by the Portuguese Government, is a fast track residency program for foreign investors from non-EU countries to obtain a fully valid residence permit in Portugal. Under this program, non-EU citizens need to make one qualifying investment to obtain a residence permit in Portugal.

The Golden Visa in Portugal has incredible perks for the investor, such as:

  • Travel freely through the Schengen Area
  • Enter, live, work and study in Portugal
  • Apply for permanent residency or citizenship
  • The same perks for the entire household, not only the investor

The Golden Visa is one of the most attractive residency programs for investors worldwide and the Portuguese Golden Visa is comparatively superior to the ones from other countries.

The most profitable way to get it is through property investment, and that’s why we have composed a thorough Buyer’s Guide that explains the entire process of purchasing a house in Portugal.

Buyer’s Guide

The best investment solution requires a deep knowledge of the market. We guide private investors in the purchase and sale of real estate investments and advise our clients on the composition of their portfolio.

To know more about the Buyer’s Guide process, you can also:

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