The 10 best ways to monetize your real estate assets

The 10 best ways to monetize your real estate assets

There are several ways in which you can monetize your properties. We present to you the best tips to earn some capital with your real estate asset, safely.

1. Perform a market survey

First of all, it is extremely important to research the prices practiced in your area to understand the market values and establish a fair price for your property. Be aware of the market demands.

Start by searching for villas or apartments with characteristics similar to yours and analyze if there’s a wide offer of properties in your neighborhood.

If the market is on the rise, seize it and do a market prospection and try contacting professional property consultants. Those specialized consultants can give you a complete, straightforward and impartial evaluation of your property, especially when comparing to other similar ones.

You can also contact UrHome Portugal, since they have a deep knowledge of the market and can seek information on databases to compare and define a fairer price. They are also experienced, knowledgeable and sensitive to the market dynamics, which can help you get to a reasonable price.

The final intention of this step is precisely for you to not get less than you should, in case you want to sell or rent your house.

2. Traditional long-term rentals

If you have an unoccupied house and want some stability, safety and a fixed monthly income, this is the best option.

The real estate market in Portugal continues deeply valued, not only in terms of property acquisition but also in terms of rentals.

According to the real estate portal Imovirtual, in 2018 the average rental prices of the houses in Portugal increased by 37% when compared to 2017, being in 1106 euros. In the ranking of the districts with higher average rental prices in 2018, Lisbon occupied the first place (1475,53 euros), followed by Oporto (1102,14 euros), Faro (878,73 euros), Beja (726,27 euros) and Setúbal (685,83 euros).

3. Register your property in online platforms like Airbnb and become a host

According to the reservation platform Airbnb, Portugal is perceived as one of the fastest-growing markets, with Lisbon standing out, since it was the 8th worldwide destination with most nights sold in Airbnb accommodations in 2017.

A typical Portuguese host rents his house occasionally throughout the year and receives modest additional incomes. Only between the 1st of June and the 31st of August 2019, the platform registered almost 1,4 million guests in Portugal.

We are talking about opting for the Local Accommodation. In total, according to the National Register of Local Accommodation (RNAL), Lisbon counts with 18.484 local accommodation units and there are 86.611 throughout the country.

This can be a great choice, considering the potential income and the advantage of the daily payments, which are normally higher than monthly payments (if discriminated by day). There’s less risk of failures in payment.

4. Vacation rentals

Vacation rentals are becoming very usual, in detriment of the traditional hotel business.

In this kind of rentals, the stays are often shorter. The demand is a lot higher during the most sought-after months, since tourism is still a seasonal business. These include also Christmas and the New Year, Carnival, Easter and other festive seasons.

5. Rent to college students

Another great possibility is to rent your house to displaced university students. This is an increasingly bigger phenomenon, since both national and foreign students look for apartments to rent easily and safely.

The accommodation platform Uniplaces has become a reference in online renting and it’s a viable way to put your property on the market, since it allows owners and landlords to announce their properties to a younger market.  

According to Uniplaces, in 2018 students paid an average of 377 euros/month for a room in Lisbon, which reflects an increase of 8,6% compared to the previous year. It is to notice that students comprised more than 88% of the reservations made in the country, with Brazilian, French and Italian nationalities dominating.

6. Share a unique experience

There are several people that offer their houses to welcome people that seek a unique and different gastronomic experience. These people don’t want to go to a usual restaurant, but to a home where they can enjoy a typical and pleasant meal (it can even be a birthday lunch or dinner) next to a local community.

7. Go with the Couchsurfing phenomenon

This is a worldwide phenomenon for the younger generations, especially the “millennials”. This is a hosting service in which you can offer your couch in exchange for a cultural experience. There are hosts that offer their couch in exchange for another, for when they have the chance to visit their guest’s country.

8. Consider the possibility of renting in parts

There are owners and landlords that take advantage of the areas of their properties to divide it and make even more rooms, so they can get more monthly rents.

9. Reach out to a property consultant at UrHome Portugal

A specialized property consultant can offer you several advantages and benefits:

  • Clear orientations according to your objectives;
  • Present you great opportunities;
  • Give legal advice.

UrHome Portugal has a specialized team that accompanies price fluctuations, most wanted property types, changes in the Portuguese real estate market, etc. A consultant can give you personalized advice, help you find your dream house or sell your property according to your goals and pretensions, creating good business opportunities for both parts.

10. Look for an interior designer to give you suggestions

There are lots of simple and easy technics you can employ to monetize your place with an interior renovation.

For example, if you enter a room that is neutrally decorated (without the owner’s personal belongings), the potential buyer can rapidly imagine himself living in that place. Neutralization in terms of colors and decoration makes a more harmonious house and, at the same time, makes it look bigger.

The furniture’s disposal and size are also really important. Generally, people don’t take into consideration the areas that the furniture will occupy and buy disproportionate things, which will tighten the social space. So, the solution is to remove some things to increase the sensation of a wider room.

This kind of technics aims to maximize your house’s potential, in a way that you can commercialize it as fast as possible and for the highest value.

All these ways of monetizing your property help you obtain the highest profit in terms of real estate investments.

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