The 5 most frequent questions about the Portuguese Golden Visa

The 5 most frequent questions about the Portuguese Golden Visa

The Residence Permit for Investment Activity, also known as the Golden Visa, was created in Portugal in 2012 and, since then, it has granted visas to more than 8288 investors, being Chinese citizens the ones that have submitted more Golden Visa applications in Portugal.

Here we answer the main doubts that many investors still have about the Portuguese program:

  1. Besides the investment in Portugal itself, which are the other requirements to obtain the Golden Visa?

The requirements related to the Golden Visa Program additional to the minimum investment necessary are the following:

  • The investment cannot be sold for a minimum period of 5 years
  • There is a minimum stay required, according to the visa’s concession and renewal deadlines
  • The applicant cannot have convictions for a relevant crime at the Portuguese immigration service and the entire Schengen area. That is, he cannot have any incidence in its criminal record.
  • Which is the validity period of the Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa is a residency trough investment permit that is valid for 5 years. During this period there are 2 renovations, the first of them after 1 year and the second one after the third year. After the fifth year, the visa holder can apply for Portuguese citizenship.

  • Is there a minimum stay period in Portugal?

Yes, there is a minimum required stay in the country. During the first year, the visa holder must stay in Portugal for 7 days, which can be consecutive or interspersed and, on the periods subsequent to the visa renovation (on the second and fifth years) he should stay for 14 days each 2 years, which can also be consecutive or interspersed. This means that, from the visa concession to the citizenship phase, the visa owner must stay in the country for 35 days.

  • How can permanency in the country be proved?

There are several ways one can prove that he stayed in Portugal for the required amount of time, these are the most used:

  • Immigration stamps on the passport with the entrance and exit dates;
  • With a hotel receipt. The hotel units are obligated to inform the competent authorities of the stay;
  • If you stay in a private residence, it can be proved through receipts of the expenses made during the stay, such as meals, transportation, grocery shopping, etc.
  • Are there associated fees that should be paid to the Portuguese Government to be granted the visa?

Yes, and the fees are divided into two moments:

  • Entry or renewal of the visa process;
  • Issue of the visa card (of concession or renewal).
  • Initial Application Fee (for the main applicant) – 532,70€
  • Initial Golden Visa – 5.324,60€
  • Renewal of the Golden Visa (for the main applicant) – 3.195€ (532,70€ + 2.662,30€)
  • Initial Golden Visa for family members – 5.407,70€ (83,10€ + €5.324.60€)
  • Renewal of the Golden Visa for family members – 2.745,40€ (83,10€ + 2.662,30€)

These rates are based on the values charged since March 1, 2019.

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