Portuguese citizenship will be easier to obtain

To acquire Portuguese citizenship you’ll no longer have to pass a language assessment

Changes to the Law of Portuguese Nationality will drop the mandatory language assessment in order to get Portuguese citizenship.

The draft bill that aims to implement these changes was approved in the Parliament last December and will be discussed and fully approved in the next few months.

This eliminates the requirement of sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language if you reside in Portugal for more than 5 years before the citizenship application.

Besides taking out one of the requirements, making it a step easier to obtain citizenship, the new draft bill also contemplates another important aspect, which is to grant nationality to children born in Portugal, given that at least one of the parents was already living in Portugal.

Sons of immigrants that have already been born in Portugal can now obtain Portuguese nationality if one of the parents lives here, without this being based on the time of permanency of the parents in Portugal. According to the party that proposed this bill, “it makes total sense to consider Portuguese all the children born in Portugal, as long as the birth here was not merely occasional, in a passage through Portugal”.

This means that it will be easier to obtain Portuguese citizenship and all the advantages that come with it.

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