Why the Portuguese Golden Visa is still one of the best in the world in 2019

Why the Portuguese Golden Visa is still one of the best in the world in 2019

There’s no doubt that the Portuguese Golden Visa is one of the most powerful residency programs in the world, with its benefits being acclaimed constantly worldwide.

Especially for non-EU citizens, acquiring a European visa, and therefore an European passport, facilitates travel, working or studying abroad.

According to Sable International, a consultant company for international affairs, one of the most valuable benefits of the program are its minimum stay requirements, so it’s not mandatory to immigrate to Portugal to get a visa. To the publication, Portugal’s Golden Visa “continues to be the most popular and best of its kind”, leaving others aside.  

For non-EU citizens, the possibility of acquiring a Portuguese passport (“one of the most powerful passports”, according to Sable), travel visa free by all the Schengen Area and the right of applying for permanent residency or citizenship through investment are important aspects to take into consideration when choosing in which country to invest.

The Portuguese program, being very flexible and straightforward, makes possible, with a single qualifying investment, to get the residence permit. Also, there are different ways to invest under the program, which opens a wide range of possibilities. It could be a real estate purchase, the creation of at least 10 jobs or the investment in a small or medium Portuguese company.

All this gives access to a safe, fantastic lifestyle in a sunny small country in the coast of the Atlantic, with the same possibilities for the entire family and dependents of the applicant when applying for family reunification

Portuguese Golden Visa 2019

Although, for the ones that are not ready to abandon their country for some reason, Portugal offers another attracting option, which is the Non-Habitual Resident Program. This one gives the possibility of having a home in Portugal with tax exemptions and benefits.

Under the NHR program, you can still have a plan B in Portugal without having to actually move here, but benefiting from becoming a tax resident in Portugal. This way you can remain in your home country, receive tax free income from both countries, and even have access to Portuguese health care and other benefits.

Also, NHR doesn’t require the purchase of a property, so you don’t have to commit to buying since renting is also an option. But if you do buy a house in Portugal, there is also the possibility of renting it to take advantage of another income source.

Portugal provides these different options for foreign citizens with really simple and quite quick processes, so it’s definitely attractive to think about taking advantage of them. Even more since the country was considered in the Global Residence Program Index for 2018-2019 has having “high quality of life and very high Human Development Index “, a “rich history, lively culture, exceptional cuisine, stunning beaches and idyllic countryside”.

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