Why You Should Invest in Southern Lisbon?

Find here more information about Alcochete and why this area is so great for investment

On the Tagus River South Bank, the town of Alcochete offers much more than great business opportunities for those who are willing to buy a house in Portugal. It offers a unique lifestyle that will definitely conquer new residents like it conquered those who came before them.

The history of Alcochete is ancient, it needs us to get more than 700 years back in time to find its origin. Officially founded in 1515, the town of Alcochete has been throughout history related to the royalty, as the King D. Manuel I, for example, was actually born there in 1469, and D. Joao I and D. Fernando went to live there due to the “black plague” that was killing hundreds through the Kingdom on the 14th and 15th centuries. The Romans, who were the first recorded human presence in Alcochete, brought the ceramics industry, which was kept as a major activity until the Arabs arrived, who, by the way, have baptized the town with the name Al caxete, which means “The Oven”, a reference to the several ceramics facilities in town, where amphorae were made for food transportation to major cities. The Arabs were also responsible for the development of agriculture within the area, whose most important innovation was the irrigation channels along the vast plains of the surrounding countryside of Alcochete. Between the 16th and the 19th centuries, J├ícome Ratton and his family came to live in Alcochete and developed the salt extraction industry and its maritime transportations between both sides of the Tagus River, which became one of the most important economic activities in town until the mid-20th Century, when railways, new roads and the first bridge over the Tagus replaced the maritime routes. 

It was after Expo’98 and the building of a new bridge over the river, the Ponte Vasco da Gama, that Alcochete got back to a huge development, as many people started to discover the town’s typical atmosphere and to look for new houses to buy in there, attracted by the much lower prices while compared to those found in Lisbon and the better construction. New buildings and urbanizations started to rise from the ground and the real estate market escalated, turning Alcochete into a valid alternative to the expensive capital for Portuguese buyers. The town’s safety, its traditional environment and friendly people were captivating for these new residents, together with the fact that these people were only 25 minutes from Lisbon, a distance that for most of them was less than half of what they would normally take to go from other peripheral locations where they used to live around the capital to their work and then back at the end of the day. The Tagus River Estuary Natural Reserve, where tens of thousands of migratory birds pass by throughout the year, the Sporting Clube de Portugal Academy, a training school for footballers with efficient programmes and amazing facilities, the Freeport Fashion Outlet (one of Europe’s biggest shopping outlets), the fantastic restaurants and tasty gastronomy based upon meat but mostly fish and shellfish, the breath-taking riverfront promenade, the picturesque beach and the unique sunset, together with a dynamic cultural offer year-round, the proximity of world-class Golf Resorts, the living ancestral traditions celebrated on several dates of every year, the ongoing “Praia do Sal Resort”, a luxurious complex with brand new high-end real estate and a wide array of services set upon the beach, and the future Low Cost Airport to be built 10 minutes away at Montijo’s Military Air Base are Alcochete’s greatest visit cards not only for the Portuguese but also for many foreigners that have found here the right place to invest their money!

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So, why would you invest in Alcochete? Because it’s just across the river from Lisbon and it has something that Lisbon does not… the amazing view over Lisbon!

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